Natural Sciences, The Essence of National Competitiveness

우리는 왜 과학을 해야할까요?
과학을 통해 부자나 유명인이 될 수 있기 때문일까요?과학자들이 과학을 하는 이유는 다음과 같은 근원적인 문제들에 대한 답을 얻고 싶기 때문입니다.
자연을 기술하는 법칙과 원리 뒤에는 어떤 논리적 언어가 숨어 있는가? 우주는 어떤 모습이며 어디서 와서 어디로 가는가? 만물의 작동원리는 무엇이며 우주를 채우고 있는 물질은 어떻게 변화하는가? 생명은 무엇이고 그 신비는 어디에서 비롯되는가? 지구는 어떻게 생겼으며 땅과 바다와 하늘의 모든 현상은 어떻게 설명되는가?
과학자를 움직이는 것은 ‘자연의 심오함과 미묘함과 아름다움에 대한 경외심’입니다.


Natural science is the study of all natural phenomena and the universal laws hidden therein. It is also the foundation of nearly all modern technologies such as biotechnology, medicine, information and communication technology, nano technology, energy and environmental science, and quantitative finance modeling.


As a world-leading institution of education and research, SNU College of Natural Sciences(CNS) is the home of eight departments (of Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Statistics, Biophysics and Chemical Biology, and Brain and Cognitive Sciences) and five interdisciplinary graduate programs (in History and Philosophy of Science, Genetic Engineering, Neuroscience, Bioinformatics, and Computational Sciences and Technology). 230 faculty members, 1000 undergraduates, and 2000 graduate students and researchers are working round the clock in their endeavor to unravel the ultimate secrets of nature.


SNU CNS has a rather short history of 40 years now, unlike many other prestigious universities around the world that have built their legacy over the course of hundreds of years. I am proud to note that CNS has rapidly emerged as a new global powerhouse in the scientific world, but I am more proudly projecting that discoveries unseen elsewhere and technologies that will transform the world beyond our wildest imagination will be brought forth in volume here at our Gwanak campus in the future.


Today's young students at SNU, inspired by the wonders of nature, will be tomorrow's scientists lighting up the future of humankind. As we open this homepage that portrays our College at the present time, I am delighted to anxiously embark on my time travel into the future. Thank you.