GLEAP is a undergraduate student honor society established by Seoul National University's College of Natural Sciences and was created to provide opportunities for outstanding students attending natural sciences to become future international leaders. GLEAP was founded in 2012, and as of 2023, there are 9 people in the 11th and 10 people in the 12th. GLEAP's activities are carried out with financial and administrative support from the College of Natural Sciences, but GLEAP is essentially a student autonomous organization led by students. All of GLEAP's activities are made through direct efforts by students, from planning to implementation.
Currently, GLEAP is conducting Social Contribution, Academic, and Exchange activities under the motto 'Connect Science, Illuminate World'. As Social Contribution activities, we conduct Talk-Talk Mentoring for high school students in Gwanak-gu and Natural Science Concert held in Seoul and Busan every summer. As an Academic Activity, we publish Monthly GLEAP that tells interesting natural science stories on the 1st of every month and hold Academic Seminars at the end of every month. As an Exchange activity, we are interacting with STEM, an excellent student center at Seoul National University's College of Engineering, and KPF (KAIST Presidential Fellowship), and we are hosting The Night of GLEAP with Alumni. In addition, we conduct Foreign Academy & Culture Trip at the beginning of each year to visit research institutes in overseas countries and interact with overseas student organizations. Through this, we would like to develop our dream of becoming a global leader by leading the popularization of natural science, crossing the boundaries of learning, and interacting with various people.
Members of GLEAP are not experts in each field yet, but we think there are many dreams that can only be achieved through the perspective of undergraduates who are at the boundary between the public and experts. Thanks to the enthusiasm of its members, GLEAP has grown at a rapid pace over the past decade. Although the start was small, GLEAP has already grown into an organization that conducts natural science concerts for more than 200 high school students and cooperates with next-generation leaders at home and abroad such as STEM, KPF, and SPS. GLEAP is still not complacent and continues to strive to develop academic leadership, return opportunities, and move forward into the world.
Location : Bld. 28, #413
GLEAP Composition
1. A student with excellent leadership skills who has experience holding a position in a recognized organization comprised of school members and can submit documents to prove this.
2. A student who strives to become a great scientist and has experience in research activities, including internships in the College of Natural Sciences, or has experience participating and volunteering in international research and academic-related events and can provide documents to prove this.
3. A student with an average CGPA of 3.7 or higher for the total number of semesters attended.
4. A student with excellent foreign language skills who can provide documents proving NEW TEPS score of 453 or higher, TOEIC score of 920 or higher, TOEFL score of 107 or higher, or equivalent scores.
5. A student who can submit a letter of recommendation with the signature of the applicant's advisor following the form provided by GLEAP.
- 2012 Start, first generation 14, second generation 19 completed(Total 33 completed)
- 2014 3rd generation 11 Activities
- 2015 4th generation 8 Activities
- 2016 5th generation 12 Activities
- 2017 6th generation 12 Activities
- 2018 7th generation 10 Activities
- 2019 8th generation 11 Activities
- 2020 9th generation 10 Activities
- 2021 10th generation 9 Activities
- 2022 11th generation 9 Activities
- 2023 12th generation 10 Activities
Issuance of a certificate of completion in the name of the dean after completion of the activities
- A certificate of completion is issued to all members who faithfully participated in GLEAP activities after two years of activity.
- Certified only when you pass GLEAP standards and peer review.
Business and Events
Natural Science Concert Providing lectures by GLEAP members on interesting natural science topics to high school students, followed by a Q&A session (talk time) where high school students can freely ask questions.
Talk-Talk mentoring Participating in the ‘Talk-Talk Mentoring’ event hosted by Gwanak-gu Office, mentoring local high school students on various topics approximately 8 times during a year.
Monthly GLEAP Posting ‘Monthly GLEAP’ on GLEAP's official Instagram account which including interesting and fun natural science stories for the general public in the form of card news.
Exchanging with Domestic Organizations Interacting with ‘STEM’, a center for outstanding students in the College of Engineering at Seoul National University, and ‘KPF’, KAIST President's Scholarship organization during semesters and vacations, and conduct interdisciplinary seminars and academic projects every year.
Foreign Academy & Culture Trip Traveling abroad during winter vacation to visit research laboratories in other countries to meet with students, researchers, and scholars in the field of natural sciences, and engaging with student organizations to provide opportunities for global interaction.