Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising Campaign for College of Natural Sciences Building Dreams

– Fundraising for Building 28 Reconstruction Fund and Dream Ladder Scholarship –

Do you remember your dreams back then?
College of Natural Sciences is the light of truth that still has not gone out
We run towards tomorrow for dreams.

자연과학대학 소개

서울대학교 문리과대학 이학부를 모태로 출범
이학부 6개 학과(수학과, 물리학과, 화학과, 생물학과, 지질학과, 의예과)
관악캠퍼스 이전 및 자연과학대학으로 개편
자연대 13개 학과(수학과, 계산통계학과, 물리학과, 화학과, 동물학과, 식물학과, 미생물학과, 지질학과, 천문학과, 기상학과, 해양학과, 의예과, 수의예과)
현 재
조 직
– 5개 학부(수리과학부, 물리천문학부, 화학부, 생명과학부, 지구환경과학부),
– 2개 학과(통계학과, 뇌인지과학과) 외 6개 협동과정
– 교수 230여명, 학부생 1,000여명, 대학원생 및 연구원 2,000여명(2018년)
성 과
– 연간 연구비 수주 785억원/SCI 논문 발표 994건(2017년)
– 2018 QS 세계대학 자연과학 순위 20위(서울대학교 전체 36위)

Building 28 Reconstruction Fund

「I give you the universe 」 Fundraising for reconstruction of Building 28
· Installation of landmarks at College of Natural Sciences through expansion and remodeling of old facilities
· Opening of the only domed multimedia hall at a Korean university where astronomical objects can be projected
· Expansion of multi-purpose space for students and support for student-run facilities
Need for raising funds for reconstruction of Building 28
· Reconstruction approval and design in progress as it is an old facility built in 1978
· Insufficient construction and facility costs of 3 billion won (estimated), including those for dome multimedia hall and student-run space

Dream Ladder Scholarship Fund

「Natural University Dream Ladder」 All-year round fundraising for scholarship fund
Becoming the ”dream ladder” so that students who have entered with the same dream do not chase other dreams because of the reality.
· Maintenance of fences that enable students to focus on their job: learning and research
· Expansion of the scope of beneficiary students by providing various fields and methods for scholarship support

Fundraising Campaign for Dreaming Building College of Natural Sciences

Required budget and fundraising plan
· 20 billion won need for the reconstruction of Building 28 and scholarship fund
· 15 billion won from secured government contribution and 50 billion won target for development fund
Courtesy for Donors
· Space naming in Building 28 depending on the amount of donation (lecture room, seminar room, student-run space, etc.)
· 「Sharing for Dream」 Installation of Honor’s Wall in Building 28
· Creation of online Honor Society page (full list of donors)
※ For each level of donation amount, Seoul National University Development Fund Foundation donor courtesy is applied
College where you can fly freely. It is the tomorrow that College of Natural Sciences dreams of.
We hope that the precious heart of each and every one can reach the campus full of life.